Random # 125: FB Holden Sedan

This red-hot FB Holden sedan is an old-school bomber in the mode of the fabulous EH featured in http://uppermiddlepetrolhead.blogspot.com.au/2017/02/random-105-eh-holden-sedan.html.   

It's in really good nick with straight, rust free panels, a tidy paint job and nice chrome.

The mags and deep-dish sports steering wheel are right out of the 70s, which really suits the car because that's when Holdens of this era were at their most affordable, were still plentiful, and quite likely to get the souped-up treatment.

It's also running a floor change shift which, if the gear knob is to be believed, is a four speeder.

And those eye-catching flames ... ?

They're just icing on the cake!



All iPhone images.

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