Random # 101: Mazda 1300

Waves of 1970s nostalgia washed over UMPH at the sight of this absolutely lovely Mazda 1300 sedan, photographed in Elizabeth Street, North Hobart, on a late summer's day.

UMPH has fond memories of his grandmother's 1300, in exactly the same colour and featuring identical interior trim, and the time the poor old dear did a burn-out entering an intersection in some particularly heavy traffic.

UMPH would like to point out that Grandma was not a hoon; the road was wet and slippery, the car was running cheese cutter cross-plies and she was mortified (what if one of the other bowling ladies had seen her?!).

However, UMPH, his brother and cousins were delighted - street-cred to Grandma!!

The particular car seen here couldn't have been in much better nick; the paint, chrome and interior were very nearly flawless, and even the hubcaps were original and unmarked.

So here's to the 1970s, burn-outs and bowling ladies, and to whoever it is that's keeping this fabulous car looking so good.


(uppermiddlepetrolhead.blogspot.com.au .)

All iPhone images.

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