Random # 94: Alfa 1750 Berlina

The photos above and below don't really do justice to this pretty little Alfa Romeo Berlina, seen on a far-too sunny spring afternoon in Hobart, Tasmania.    

It may not have been the most pristine example but it did look good without bumpers and wearing what appeared to be Porsche 924 wheels.

Berlinas have a lovely stance, featuring a largish semi-wraparound windscreen and a sleek profile that that arcs gracefully from the long bonnet through to the low, flat boot at the rear (or hood and trunk, respectively, for American readers). 

Their cabins are surprisingly high and have lots of glass but, somehow, manage not to look boxy - no mean feat for what's clearly a classic 'three-box' design! 

The interior of this particular vehicle was clean and tidy, featuring a wooden sports steering wheel, tan coloured low-back seats and quintessentially Alfa instrument shells for the speedo and tacho, with a wood-grain centre console for the smaller ancillary gauges.  

The sporty look was rounded off very effectively with the 1750 cc twin-cam's exhaust emerging at the centre rear of the car.


(uppermiddlepetrolhead.blogspot.com.au .)

All iPhone images.

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