Random # 68: Ford Thunderbird

Tasmania has a very healthy population of Ford Mustangs, as evidenced by the numerous examples of that model gracing the pages of this 'blog.  What is much, much less prevalent, however, is Ford's other sporty offering of the period, the Thunderbird.  

According to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Thunderbird), Thunderbirds or - as they're also colloquially known, T-Birds - were less of a sports car but heralded a new class of vehicle "... that eventually became known as the personal luxury car."  That distinction is easy to understand when examples like the one featured here are compared to contemporary Mustangs or other models from manufacturers such as GM's Chevrolet Corvette.

Stylistically, there are some strong links to other Fords of the era, including the Falcon.  Take the round tail-lights and winged T-Bird emblem, for example; both features mirror, to some extent, those of the humbler, and significantly smaller, Ford.  If one ignores the more flamboyant front-end styling, the profile from the A pillar back isn't a million miles away from that of an XM Falcon coupe, either.   

This T-Bird emblem isn't so different to that of a contemporary Falcon's.

This particular example, photographed in the Hobart suburb of Mount Stuart, looked great.  Not only was imposing in terms of its styling and size, it was also in fabulous condition with lovely paint, pristine chrome-work and a fresh, unmarked interior.

Familiar?  Arguably not dissimilar to an early Falcon tail-light.


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