Random # 219: Volvo 240 Estate

UMPH was struck by the simple combination of white and black on this very understated, yet totally cool, late 80s / early 90s Volvo 240 estate wagon.  It was ostensibly standard with only a set of black-accented five-spoke Performance alloy wheels, specially sourced from the mainland, and heavily tinted  - almost black - windows setting it apart from other Volvos of a similar era.

The car was in great nick, with straight, rust-free panels, blemish-free duco and first-rate bumpers and trim.  If it weren't for the wheels, one might mistake it for a more garden-variety Volvo.  

However, its owner has plans to extract 300 bhp from it without resorting to the insertion of a Chev V8 or any of the more popular - crude, one might say - big engine replacements.  He will instead be sourcing and fitting various components from other Volvo power-plants - including Volvo's Penta marine range - that share the common block featured in the automotive 240 range to enhance the car's performance.  

So no cheap shots about Volvos and bloody Volvo drivers, please!  This is one example of the marque that'll be well capable of blowing most other vehicles into the bloody weeds!



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