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Wild, Wild West

Curiously, UMPH is fond of bug-spatter.  For him, the sight of mangled insects festooning the front of a car speaks of country adventures; it reminds him of night-time dashes along rural roads, moths having set their controls for the heart of the sun, dive-bombing and smashing themselves into The Galant's or Exxie's lights. 
This latest episode may have been a day-time only affair but Tasmania's Midlands Highway, the main route between Hobart in the south and Launceston in the north, was thick with all manner of six-legged flying fauna.  It didn't take long to start an impressive insect collection on the business end of The Galant.  The otherwise unrelenting ennui of Tasmania's most boring road was thus punctuated by jets of soapy washer-spume as the variously yellow, white, clear, brown and red entrails of local arthropods were scoured from the The Galant's windscreen by its hard-working wipers.
Turning left at Perth and beginning the westward bound leg of the j…