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Random # 43: HQ Holden Kingswood Sedan (& a Cautionary Tale)

The Car

This exceptionally tidy HQ Kingswood sedan was spotted in Hobart's Lower Sandy Bay.  All evidence suggests that it's just been fully restored; the paint, chrome and interior all appear to have been recently, and expertly, renewed.  Even the registration plate - which may well bear the original number attributed to the car when it was new - has been been remade in the newer Tassie Tiger style. 

The Cautionary Tale

There is absolutely zero suggestion that this particular car - or any of the other HQs featured elsewhere in this 'blog - are anything but one hundred percent kosher.  However, anyone considering buying an HQ through to a WB series Holden should be aware of a few potential issues that may arise with the identity, and thus the authenticity, of cars from that range.  

The following information is skewed towards HQs but a lot of it applies to HJs, HXs, HZs and WBs, too.  Buyers of performance versions, especially Monaros and SSs, should be particularly careful, a…

Random # 42: Mazda 929 Station Wagon

For a medium sized vehicle, this Mazda 929 station wagon has quite a presence, somehow managing to look larger than it actually is.  The front-end styling is reminiscent of a Mercedes of a similar era, albeit possibly a bit wider looking and more rectangular than the German maker's offering of that time.  

This particular example was very straight and clean, with the only evidence of damage being confined to the front and rear bumpers and, even then, both instances were very minor.  It appeared to be all-original, without modification, and featured only era-appropriate accessories like the hearse-style chrome roof racks, velour seats and some very funky fan-shaped retractable sunshades for the front windscreen.  A blue checked travel blanket draped over the rear seat completed the look.

It's hard to tell when it might have been manufactured, given the Tasmanian government's decision to stop providing rego labels.  However, a reasonable guess would probably be the early 1990s…