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Random # 12: Fiat 125

Apart from some minor rust, this brick-like Fiat 125 looks to be in pretty good nick.  That's not bad for a car that was manufactured somewhere between 1967 and 1972. 

According to UMPH's mate GlamRock, who had a 125in the mid- to late-80s, they were a very plush ride, featuring many refinements that were way ahead of their time.  His was fully carpeted, had velour seats - the driver's being multi-adjustable - a parcel shelf, prismatic rear-view mirror, hand-throttle (which could be used as rudimentary cruise-control), fully-lined and illuminated boot, and further lighting in the engine bay.  It also had Cromodora alloy wheels.  He did, however, say that the car's low-beam was dismal.

They got along quite nicely, too, being fitted with the same 1600 twin-cam used in Fiat's sporty 124.  The engine in GlamRock's was coupled to a five-speed 'box with a disc brake rear end - the sorts of refinements that weren't to be seen on some manufacturers' cars fo…