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Pump House Misses The Point

The UMPHs aren't tracky-dacks andBlunnie people (not in combination, anyway).  They're not hung up on a Tasmanian team being part of the Australian Football League, either.  In fact, there are many Tasmanian stereotypes that they don't conform to at all, given that they're not "dregs, bogans or third generation morons," as Leo Schofield has described the populace.  However, like so many citizens of the island state, late autumn will see them happily snuggled into their black puffer jackets and a Subaru wagon does grace their driveway.

Some years ago, Tasmania had the highest per capita Subaru ownership in the southern hemisphere.  It may still be so, notwithstanding the growth of the SUV market and the entry of many new manufacturers into the segment.  At least five Subies reside in the UMPH's own short street alone.
And so it was, with the Exxie out of action until who knows when, the Galant way too loud for Mrs UMPH's liking and her Pug too pristine f…