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Random # 225: Classic Rolls Royce

If you're going to lunch, you may as well lunch in style!  This classic Roller - photographed at one of the UMPHs' favourite winery / restaurants, The Coal Valley Vineyard - was very stylish indeed.  

All iPhone images.

Picnic at Ross, 2018

The Post Vintage Car Club of Tasmania's Picnic at Ross, held annually on the third Sunday of May, attracts a genuinely fabulous fleet of classic, performance and exotic cars from all the world's greatest manufacturers.  You'll find British, Italian, German, Japanese, American and, of course, Australian marques represented.
The types of vehicle on display are also truly amazing; there's everything from small sedans through to sports cars and GTs, muscle cars, commercials and even campervans.  Vehicles range from those manufactured in the 1920s and thirties, right through to the 1990s.  

Despite this, there are still cars that surprise even UMPH, who's been a regular at the Picnic for four or five years now.  Take, for example, this seemingly innocuous classic Mini.  

It's a later edition, featuring what's more or less the original Mini front, but with the tail lights of the Clubman (this is how they were in Britain, when Rover were producing them, right up unti…