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Classics by the Beach, 1st of November, 2015

What is it, exactly, that makes a classic car classic?  For some people, it's about pedigree, and the history and mystique of a marque; others may feel that nostalgia plays its part, with their favourites being fond reminders of earlier times.  It might also be that classics are a rejection of too much 'progress', whereby contemporary vehicles have become a little bit soul-less and more like appliances than classic car buffs would prefer. 
Whatever the answer is, UMPH is still regularly amazed at the breadth and quality of Hobart's classic car scene.  This Sunday was no exception, with many, many cars he'd never seen gracing Sandy Bay for the monthly get together.
Take this Mazda RX2 for example.  Owned for twenty years by the same bloke, it features a stock 13B rotary engine, five speed 'box and four-wheel disc brakes.  It's tastefully finished in blue metalic duco and Simmons wheels, and features a nice set of Recaros in the cockpit.  It's a fabulous ex…