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Classics by the Beach: 6th of December, 2015

At the risk of seeming argumentative, UMPH is going to go right out there and contradict several December Classics attendees and scoff at their assertions that they own too many cars.  His logic is that nobody at Classics has too many cars; what they've got - or, put more accurately, what they've not got - is enough storage space to keep their cars in! 
This wild looking Fiat 500 would barely take up any space at all.  Therefore, it would be hard to see why you wouldn't have at least one in your collection.  It could even be argued that two or three wouldn't be excessive, given Bambinos' economy of dimensions.  

This is Neville's 16 valve, 1.6 litre fuel injected Fiat X1/9.  The engine and gearbox are ex-Corolla and were fitted by the previous owner, chocolatier Igor Van Gerwen of Latrobe's House of Anvers, who was planning to run the car in Targa.  However, the regs changed, making it ineligible to compete and leading to its sale.

Neville has a mate who owned…