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Random # 38: 1956 VW Beetle ('The Slut')

UMPH believes that the term classic can be applied to a whole range of cars - from agricultural to awesome, from prosaic to performance - and that price and prestige don't have to be part of the definition.  However, to borrow from Orwell, some cars are more classic than others.

Take this extremely beautiful 1956 Beetle, for example. It would be hard to imagine a better example of the marque; from its flawless paint, to the tasteful era-appropriate accessories, every single part of this car screams German classic!   

Oval-window Beetles aren't common in Tasmania (they're probably not that common anywhere these days!).  Adding to this particular example's uniqueness are its one-piece front windows which, according to the proud owner, weren't actually standard for 1956 but were fitted because he liked them.

And he's not the only person that likes the car, giving rise to its nickname - The Slut - given by the owner's partner, who wryly observed that it attracts l…

Random # 37: Mini Cooper S

Pretty much anything that UMPH could say about the mighty Mini Cooper S has already been said, and by people much more knowledgeable than he is, so he'll let these photos of this very fine example seen in Hobart do the talking.

U M P H.
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