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Random # 232: 1924 Vauxhall 4.5 litre OHV Tourer

This is Rob the Victorian's magnificent 1924 Vauxhall tourer, chassis number OE066.  It's fitted with a 4.5 litre overhead valve six cylinder engine, an electric starter motor and four-wheel drum brakes which, at first mention, mightn't sound like such a big deal.  However, four brakes is twice as many as earlier editions of the car had, making for a huge improvement in anyone's language!

Rob and his partner (apologies for not remembering your name) were on a lightning trip to Tasmania, having only landed in Devonport earlier on the morning their car was photographed in Hobart, some 300-odd kilometers south of their arrival point.  Adding to the impressive nature of their feat was the fact they'd taken time out of their trip to drive through the snow-covered Central Highlands!

The car was the epitome of British elegance, with all the style of the 1920s.  It sounded lovely at idle, too, burbling quietly and without rattles or any roughness at all.

Happy touring!  We ho…