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A Lotus Eating Fiat

Cygnet is an easy 45 minute drive from Hobart and, unfortunate kitchen fires aside, usually boasts two great cafe / restaurants:  the currently slightly char-grilled Red Velvet Lounge and, just a bit further down the main street, the Lotus Eater.  It's normally an either / or choice but with the former out of action for now, Mrs UMPH and I happily headed off for a late lunch at the latter.

Adding to the allure of today's outing is the fact that Cygnet is accessed via some really fun roads, especially if one returns to Hobart via Kettering by the Woodbridge Hill route.  In fact, that way's so good that it's a Targa Wrest Point competitive stage!

Having decided on the Fiat, we headed down to the Lotus Eater, via Huonville, arriving just as Cygnet's twice-monthly market (1st and 3rd Sunday of each month) was winding up.  Not a particularly exciting drive today but scenic none the less.  Timing is everything; too many utes and trailers can take the gloss of what are some…