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Home Hill Winery & Kate Hill Wines

What could be more Gallic than two couples in their Peugeots touring local vineyards on the first day of Autumn?  Imagine, if you will, one driver's scarlet scarf trailing in the breeze as she pilots her chic convertible, roof down, through the lush green countryside in search of pinot noir and Chardonnay, closely followed by the tres elegant Mme SupĂ©rieure TĂȘte de L'essence Moyenne ... . 
Hold on a minute!  Whilst it is true that She of the Scarlet Scarf's fellow Peugeot driver is very stylish, there isn't a beret and stripey tee shirt wearing cyclist in sight - let alone one with onions draped over his handlebars - and both Pugs are driving on the wrong side of the road for France!  Just as well they're actually heading down to Tasmania's Huon Valley, thirty minutes south of Hobart!
This week's expedition features She of the Scarlet Scarf, her friend who's a boy (but is not her boyfriend - AKA the former second best forensic photographer in the state) a…