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Classics by the Beach, 06 September 2015

UMPH is beginning to appreciate the benefits of arriving at Classics a bit earlier in the morning than has been his norm.  For a start, it's a lot easier to find a legitimate parking spot.  Then there's the opportunity to hear and see the cars arriving ...
For sure, the Maserati Ghibli below is a thing of rare aesthetic beauty.  But seeing it parked is only half the story; its understated yet menacing V8 rumble somehow completed the experience.  It even sounded good as it reversed into its parking spot. 

According to its owner, it's the only one in Hobart and was red until a few years back when he had it sprayed metallic dark grey.  The colour, like its exhaust note, is wonderfully understated.

Also in grey was this very tidy EH Holden, tastefully up-graded with a simple set of mags shod with BF Goodrich Radial TAs (tyre of choice for the hot Aussie car set during the 1980s).  The interior was finished with a dished three-spoke steering wheel (a Sass?) and a nice dash-top ins…