Random # 212: Two Porsche 356s

Regular readers may have noted the development of a distinctly Tasmanian west coast flavour to the 'blog, with a predominance of classic cars on tour in the area being featured.  First there was the Armstrong Siddeley contingent, then a Cobra replica and, now, these two lovely Porsche 356s - one from New South Wales and the other from Victoria. 

The blue one shown here - cleverly balancing a small SUV on its roof (a spare, perhaps?) - is a 90, whereas the white version is a 60.  Reference to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_356) doesn't explain what this means.  However, taking a taxonomic approach to what Wiki does offer suggests that both are 356 Bs, as they do have the twin vented rear engine covers but not disc brakes.  

Interestingly, the white one is a left hand drive car, so it has almost certainly been imported from the USA or Europe.  Other than that, UMPH can't actually shed any further info on either car, as neither vehicle's owners were present.

If any Porsche savant out there's able to explain what the 90 and 60 designations mean, please do so in the comments section of the bottom this page.  It'd be great to learn a bit more about these classic German machines!



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