Readers' Photos # 21: The King Island Show

Thanks go to uppermiddlepetrolhead correspondent SJS for these photos of the car display at the 2018 King Island Show, held annually on the first Tuesday of March.   

The owner of this stunning LJ Torana was in the throes of packing and preparing for his relocation from Western Australia to King Island - a move from one side of our vast continent to the other (and down a bit!) - when his neighbour advertised the car for sale.

Having admired it for a number of years, he did what any sensible person would do and bought it immediately.

Now it's doing its bit to make a spectacular island in the middle of Bass Strait that bit more beautiful!

King Island has a thriving classic car scene, as we saw with last year's photos of a lovely FC Holden (

The range of cars on the island is quite diverse, as the following photos show, ranging from the Mark III Austin Healey Sprite featured above and below, through to a Queensland-registered Chevrolet Corvette, a magnificent early Valiant and a very, very tidy HR Holden. 

And in further show-related news, the King Island correspondent and his family are to be congratulated, with Fi having taken out a first for both bread rolls and naked pavlovas, Angus a second for pizza and SJS himself a second for sourdough loaf.  The latter has just acquitted himself with an age-group place in the Imperial 20, too.



All iPhone images.

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