Random # 202: Triumph Stag

Minor mishap:  driver's side mirror went west! 

The friendly owners of this lovely Stag are living the life, touring Tasmania and taking in its fabulous sights, eating our amazing food and driving our very, very driveable roads, having just arrived in Hobart from the west coast.

And what a great car to be doing it in:  a four-speed manual with an electric overdrive on 3rd and 4th gears, coupled to an original Triumph 3.0 litre V8!

Stags' reputations were initially sullied by shoddy British Leyland assembly that saw them suffer from over-heating, amongst other quality control issues, resulting in many owners fitting 3.5 litre Rover V8s to their cars.

However, this particular example's cooling system was carefully rebuilt and now runs without problems, easily coping with 30 degrees-plus temperatures encountered near Canberra at the commencement of the trip.

These days, Stag owners have a wealth of accumulated knowledge on overcoming the BL-related problems that first blighted their cars, meaning that those still on the road tend to be very reliable, rewarding cars to drive, allowing them to take their well-deserved place as true British classics.

UMPH would like to thank the owners for taking the time to chat with him about their car, and wishes them an enjoyable remainder of their Tasmanian tour and a safe trip home.



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