Random # 200: EH Holden Special

UMPH was born in the year of the EH Holden and grew up in the 1970s when, like so many cars of that time, they had become affordable for younger drivers.  The 70s were no different to today when it comes to youths and their vehicles, in that cars often became the focus for personal expression and identity through modification.

This absolutely immaculate EH Special, photographed in North Hobart, therefore epitomises the late 60s and early 70s' 'hotted-up' look that is, for UMPH and others of his era, exactly what an early Holden of Ford Falcon should look like (only better).  

Why better?, you ask.  Not only was the car bang-on for period features (Aunger mags, a wooden three spoke sports steering wheel, a dash-top tacho and a great exhaust note), its emerald green duco, glittering chrome and perfect interior would easily exceed the quality of any young yobbo's ride back in the day!

UMPH was able to grab a few quick words with the proud owner, determining that he's only had the car about five months.  Sadly, UMPH was already running late for work and the owner and his female entourage were about to go, too, so if anyone can shed some light the car's history, that'd be appreciated.



All iPhone images.

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