Random # 197: Desoto FireSweep Sedan

Sincere thanks go to Don, owner of this imposing 1959 DeSoto FireSweep sedan, for having permitted UMPH to photograph his car whilst it was parked in Hobart's Salamanca Place on a very pleasant summer's afternoon.  

According to a most helpful fact sheet provided by Don, the car:

  • was purchased new in 1959 by Mr Bert Lohrey, a St Marys farmer and contractor;
  • had been imported from North America in CKD (or complete knock down) kit form; and
  • assembled by Chrysler in Adelaide, South Australia; 
  • is fitted with a 361 cubic inch V8 motor, coupled to a push-button automatic transmission, with power-steering and brakes; 
  • weighs in at 2.020 ton;
  • has a recorded mileage of just 66,000 miles; and
  • remained with the Lohrey family until 1973, when it was put into storage.

It certainly was an impressive beast, featuring sweeping tail fins, rocket-styled tail lights and a lovely sloping roof line.  There are also acres of glittering chrome and an interior of cathedral-like dimensions.  It's an example of 1950s' US styling par excellence! 

Wednesday's post will feature the February installment of Classics by the Beach, Hobart's longest running, and arguably its best and most regular, car show.  Please feel free to take a look or, even better, become an Upper Middle Petrol Head follower to see all the best in Tasmanian classic car culture!



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