Random # 195: Mk II Cortina GT

This excellent Mk II Cortina GT belongs to former advanced driving instructor (Hendon system) and Targa competitor, Paul, and his wife.  They're involved in the classic Cortina scene, having taken the car to two mainland-Australia events celebrating the marque.   

Paul explained that, as a GT, his Cortina was factory fitted with a 1600 Kent cross-flow motor with a Weber carbie, as opposed to the standard 1500; a sports steering wheel, full instrumentation, a centre console, and low-back bucket seats; as well as wider steel rims and classic bullet-style exterior rear view mirrors.  He believes that his Cortina's extractors may have been part of the GT package, too.  

According to Paul, the previous owner had the car resprayed but the finish could be better.  However, UMPH reckons the entire package is quite lovely; the panels are straight and rust free, the chrome and bright-work is first rate, and the interior is immaculate.  The car sounds great, too, with a subdued but rorty sportiness, combining induction and exhaust very nicely indeed.  

For anyone that's interested in knowing more about Mk II GT Cortinas, the following link is highly recommended:  https://www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au/car_info_ford_cortina_gt_mk2 .  The articles's not only interesting, it's also very well written and goes into much greater detail than Wiki or any of the other references UMPH was able to find.    

Smith's gauges, perhaps?

Cheers, Paul, and thanks for your patient driving tuition (and those of the other instructors) way back in the early 80s!  UMPH remembers learning how to nail a cambered corner or slip, apex to apex, through an s-bend with a great deal of fondness!!  



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