Random # 183: XT Falcon Sedan

Sometimes, designers get it right the first time and then put increasing effort into stuffing their work up in subsequent iterations.  The XR and XT Falcons are a case in point, although it may be going a bit far to say that later versions - the XYs and XYs - are exactly horrible.  However, UMPH does reckon there's an arguable position that the former have a cleaner, more integrated look than the latter and that the XR's and XT's round tail lights suit the cars' overall design better than the XW's and XY's squarish versions.  

What isn't in dispute, however, is that the V8 XT featured here looked great!  It was clean, straight and tidy with all original features, other than the Bathurst Globe styled mags, which were pretty much period-appropriate, anyway.  The Tilford Motors sticker on the rear window suggests that it was originally sold here in Hobart.



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