Random # 181: XP Fairmont

This outstanding XP Fairmont sedan was spotted in West Hobart on a late Tasmanian autumn day.  It was fitted with low-back bucket seats, trimmed in rich red vinyl, and featured extra bling on the leading edges of the front mudguards and in the centre of the bonnet, as befits the more up-market Fairmont line-up, which was a trim level above the Falcon range on which it was based.

The white louvre in the rear window was a nice period touch.  However, the classic 'twelve-slot' wheels seem to be from a later Falcon or Fairmont.

The entire car was beautifully presented, with lovely paint, shiny chrome and a very tidy interior.  The red coloured exterior was particularly elegant and, in combination with the matching dashboard, seats, door linings and carpets, created quite a classy look.



All iPhone images.

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