Random # 171: 1950s Cadillac ('Margie' to Her Friends)

Imagine living in 1950s America when cars like this imposing Cadillac, with its hugely exaggerated tail-fins and rocket-style taillights, ruled that country's roads and highways like some sort of automotive mega-fauna!  Its sheer bulk puts UMPH in mind of a pterodactyls compared to today's more modest-sized vehicles, especially now that exquisite, big-statement styling as gone the way of the ... , mmm, dinosaur!

This particular example, affectionately known as Margie, has been a fairly common sight on Hobart's roads for the better part of a decade or so.  It's a lefty, so it's clearly been imported from the USA or possibly some other cack-handed country that deliberately chooses to drive on the incorrect side of the road.

There's absolutely no point banging on about the car's perfect duco, acres of glittering chrome and sumptuous interior, or its grace, charm and presence.  It's perfect.  The photos prove it.  Enough said!  



All iPhone images.

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