Random # 168: XY GT Falcon

Even the most ardent Holden fan would be hard pressed not to appreciate the sheer muscularity of the XY Falcon GT with its aggressive looks and purposeful 'shaker' air intake poking through its bonnet!  This particular example, photographed outside Shannons' office in Hobart, Tasmania, was immaculate in every way. 

All the Falcon GTs, from 1967's XR through to the XB of 1973 (plus the XB hardtop-based John Goss Special and the XC Cobra hardtop that followed in 1978), are highly sought after by Ford aficionados and investors alike.  However, it is without doubt the XY GT that tops the desirability list - especially in its rarer GT-HO (Handling Options) Phase III form.



All iPhone images.

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