Car Enthusiasts' Drive and Lunch, 15th of November, 2017

Wayne G's monthly car enthusiasts' drives are a permanent fixture on the Hobart classic car calendar.  The format's pretty simple:  Wayne sends out an email advising of the date of the intended drive, which always begins around 11:00 am on a Wednesday and leaves from the C3 church in Anglesea Street, South Hobart (UMPH's pretty sure the event's totally secular, though!).  

On the day, participants meet, coffee is consumed (sometimes cake, too) and a route guide and map is provided.  Thereafter, an orderly convoy leaves the church, en route to a pre-arranged lunch venue, usually within 45 minutes' drive of Hobart.

This month's drive culminated in a very pleasant lunch at the Lauderdale Tavern, having wound its way over the Tasman Bridge, onto the East Derwent Highway, along the famed Grass Tree Hill Road (a favourite Targa stage), into Richmond Road, and through Seven Mile Beach and Acton.  The cars - Porsches, MGs, MX5s, an Austin Healey, a Fiat, a Mercedes and a Bentley - were a magnificent sight and attracted a few admirers when they parked in the tavern's car park. 

Please enjoy the following photos.  If any of the participants would like a copy of the images of their cars, please leave a comment at the bottom of this 'blog.  Also feel free to browse the rest of the UMPH site; you never know what other interesting classic vehicles you might find.



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