Club Motori Italia / Australian Lancia Register / TR Register Australia 2017 Parliament House Display

Sometimes, just every so often, the planets really do align to create something truly special!  In this case, it was the coming together of Club Motori Italia's annual display on the lawns of Parliament House, Hobart, plus the Australian Lancia Register and TR Register Australia's concurrent Tasmanian tours, combined with a particularly pleasant spring day.  How could anyone not love that?!

The locals ...

There was a strong showing from the locals, including a good-sized display of Fiat X1/9s, an 850 Sports, Phil Blake's awesome 850 Abarth replica, a 128 and a 131 coupe, as well as some Alfas, plus a Dino and one or two other Ferraris.  They're not all featured in this post.  However, just about all of them can be found elsewhere on this 'blog (just use the search field in the top right of the screen).  

The Lancia Contingent ...

A fair-sized chunk of the Lancia tour was made up of Fulvias, including a local Zagato coupe (one of two known to be in Tasmania).  However, there were also many much earlier examples, as well as some Aurelias and Flaminas, and a couple of fairly uncommon 1970s Beta cabriolets.  They had come to experience Tasmania from all over Australia, and each and every one of them was fabulous!  

The sheer quality and quantity of beautiful classics on display precludes singling out each and every one.  However, at the risk of offending anyone whose car doesn't get a mention (just about everyone!), there were some that were just too special not to mention individually.  Take, for example, this svelte plum-coloured mid-50s Lancia Aurelia coupe (; the paint, panels and chrome were absolutely perfect, as was the interior.  The engine bay - resplendent with its longitudinal air cleaner, twin down-draught carbies and small capacity V6 - was a work of sculptural art.  Even the car's undercarriage was captivating!   

Also too fabulous to escape individual plaudits was this elegant Lancia GT 2800 Superleggera coupe (  What style!  What beauty!  What's else is there to say?


The Triumphant Tourers ... 

The vast majority of the Brits - which, like the Lancias, had come from all parts of Australia to enjoy Tasmania in all its splendour - were TR2s and 3s.  There were, however, a few other standout models, including this 1954 Swallow Doretti (, which earned its place amongst the Triumphs by virtue of it sharing its engine, gearbox and running gear with the TR2.

According to the very helpful fact sheet accompanying the car, it has an aluminium and steel body atop a chrome-molybdenum box chassis and was designed by Frank Rainbow.  There were approximately 275 built, of which 138 are known to still exist - 14 of them in Australia.  The aluminium hardtop is one of only three believed to have ever been produced.

If UMPH is not mistaken, this is a TR4 works rally car ( has been modified in that style.  It was outstanding!

So if you - or your entire car club, for that matter - are looking for the ideal place to tour, why not consider Tasmania?  The Bugatti Club Australia and Aston Martin Owners' Club have both toured recently and loved the experience (please see earlier posts on this 'blog for details), as have our friends from the Lancia and TR fraternities.  

Spectacular scenery, magnificent roads, amazing food and wine, plus friendly locals.  What's stopping you?  



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