Random # 157: Mazda 121 Coupe

If this Mazda 121 coupe were a rotary, it'd be an RX5.  However, it's the piston-powered variant of what's known in Japan as a Cosmos.  Mazda's naming conventions seem to be a bit odd here, as their previous rotary, the RX4, was 929- (or Luce- in Japan) based and this car would seem to be close to that model in size and specification.  In Australia, the 121 designation was subsequently given to Mazda's baby cars like the cutsy-bubble edition shown immediately below:

Image result for mazda 121 bubble
This is what most Aussies understand a 121 to be (internet image).

Irrespective of the logic of Mazda's nomenclature, this 121 looked pretty good, with reasonably good duco (actually excellent for fade-prone red), shiny chrome and straight, rust free panels.  The interior looked tidy, too. 

The 121 / RX5 was quite sharply styled, with a bold front end, an interesting third side window that was stepped slightly higher than the car's waistline and L-shaped taillights.  Sadly, there don't seem to be too many about these days, especially when compared to RX2s, RX3s and RX7s, which may have bigger fan-bases due to their sportier performance.  It's probably fair to say that, like the 929 / RX4, the 121 / RX5 was more of a tourer than an out and out sports car.



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