Random # 152: Fiat 128 Sedan

It almost seems strange that this boxy, yet very cool, Fiat 128 forms the mechanical base for the X1/9.  Although the 128 range - including two- and four-door sedans, a station-wagon (never available in Australia) and two coupes, the SL and 3P Berlinetta - are all front-wheel drives, the X1/9 took their engine and four-speed transmission and mounted them mid-body to drive the rear wheels.  The X1/9 is, however, still very much part of that broader 128 family.  

Earlier 128s were equipped with 1100 cc motors and four-speed 'boxes but were upgraded to 1300 donks, which were shared with Series 1 X1/9s.  Later X1/9s were fitted with 1500 cc engines that were, essentially, an evolution of the 1300 design that remained the largest fitted to other members of the 128 family.  Almost all later X1/9s also featured a five-speed transmission, other than what was a fairly limited run of "Series 1.5s" - a 1300 / four speed version that is believed to have only been sold in Australia and which sported the energy-absorbing bumpers and raised engine cover of the 1500 / five-speed Series 2 that was available in other markets.      

The 128 shown here was in lovely, ostensibly standard condition, with its only obvious modification being its gold-coloured wheels.  It was clean, straight and rust free, with a very tidy interior.  It would easily be one of the nicer 128s in southern Tasmania.  



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