Random # 151: Toyota Corona Stationwagon

This circa 1980 Toyota Corona wagon, photographed in inner-city Hobart, was in great nick.  The wide Sunraysia style wheels gave it a squat, slightly aggressive stance while the forward-mounted mirrors lent it an air of the JDM.  It was otherwise ostensibly standard, save the inner headlights, which had some sort of prismatic thing happening that showed as a rainbow effect behind the lenses.  

If, as all evidence suggests, it's an Aussie-built car, it will almost certainly feature a Holden Star-Fire 4 engine, as fitted to that manufacturer's four cylinder Torana and Sunbird models (the latter being the name later adopted to differentiate four cylinder Toranas from the six- and eight-cylinder siblings).  Only the fully-imported Corona lift-back of that era featured a Japanese motor.  

Sedans and wagons were further set apart from the liftbacks, in that the former were equipped with four-speed manual 'boxes whilst those in the better specced latter were all five-speeders.  The liftbacks tended to have highly levels of interior trim, too.   



All iPhone images.

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