Baskerville Historics, Day 2, 2017

The Baskerville Historics race meeting, held annually in September at southern Tasmania's Baskerville Raceway, might just be about the state's best motor-sports event (  That's a big call, of course; Targa Tasmania and Targa Wrest Point are both hugely popular, attracting competitors and their fabulous, and often genuinely exotic, cars from all around Australia and the rest of the world.

So what makes the Historics so special?  For this writer, it's the combination of some truly beautiful classic race cars from all categories - including sports sedans and open-wheelers - exhibitions of sheer driving talent, very, very close racing, and accessibility that clinches the argument.

Whereas the Targas offer spectators perhaps forty-five minutes' of concentrated competition as entrants scream by on each stage, the Historics gives fans the opportunity to enjoy multiple laps of racing over several rounds conducted during the three days of the event.  What's more, the layout of the track means that spectators can pretty much follow the action around the whole circuit and aren't limited to what they can see from a single vantage point, as happens on a typical leg of Targa.

Then there's the pit area, located in the heart of the track, allowing fans the ability to get up nice and close to the cars and their crews.  Team members often chat with enthusiasts, creating a very inclusive, friendly atmosphere.  

And, if that's not enough to convince you, attendees' classic cars get corralled into their own special parking area, creating a very nice car show outside the main arena.  All of this just twenty minutes' drive from Hobart city!         

When too many early Holdens are barely enough!

How long has Dean Tapping been campaigning P510s?  35 years??

Not your average Vauxhall Viva power-plant.  A Holden 'red' motor, by the looks of it.

You know you've made your mark in motor-sport when a colour's named after you:  three 'Wilcox Blue' Holdens.

The driver of this Capri put on a sizzling display of driving, battling a couple of SLR Toranas in a very fierce tussle for first place in their event.

Hello, Steve.  Nice to see the GTV's all sorted.

That's one ugly umbrella girl, Callan!

One of the more unusual entrants:  an EH Holden race van.

Sadly, this extremely muscular MGB V8 aquaplaned whilst leading a race and crashed into the Armco.  The driver was ok, though.

One of the earliest cars at the event.

Truly putting the historic into the Historics!

There was a collective sigh of sorrow from the spectators when this Mustang and the Valiant shown below collided mid-corner.  Fortunately, no one was injured.


A 'Trickford' Falcon.




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