Random # 148: Datsun P510 (1600)

The last Datsun P510 to feature on this 'blog created a bit of sentimentality amongst former owners of the model, with one expressing on-line how much he missed his and a few others telling UMPH in person just what great cars theirs had been, and how much fun they'd had with them.    

This one's very likely to have the same effect, mixing exactly the right level of originality and spot-on period accessories, with the Minilites and three-spoke Sparco steering wheel being prime examples.  

Looks like the owner also has an awareness of the mighty P510's competition history. 

The fat exhaust and slotted rotors added to the whole effect, suggesting a potent mix of old school looks and some fairly meaty performance, while the race-seats, tow-points, blue battery triangle and full cage point to an ongoing involvement in motor sports.

The paint, panels and chrome all looked great, too, as did the interior.


So, Stephen, Tony, Tim and Paul, whaddayareckon ... ?

Aussie-delivered P510s were never badged as such, instead using the 1600 designation.

Still missing your old Dattos??

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