Random # 138: LH Torana SL/R 5000

This very, very special SL/R 5000 was photographed in Hobart, Tasmania, one early winter's morning.  Why's it special?, you ask.  Because it's probably one of the least molested, straightest and cleanest apparently un-restored examples that UMPH has seen in many years.

The entire car appeared to be completely original, right down to its sports-style hubcaps, which are quite a departure from the Hotwire alloys that would normally grace an SL/R of this era.  The front and rear spoilers appear to be ex-factory, too.  Even the interior was all present and correct, including a black three-spoke sports steering wheel, as also fitted to Monaros, SSs and Sandman vans and utes of the time.    



All iPhone images.

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