Random # 134: Mazda RX6 ???

As far as UMPH knows, there was never any such thing as a Mazda RX6.  Google doesn't seem to think they exist, either, and, if confirmation were required, neither does Wikipedia.  

However, if there were such a beast, the RX6 would almost certainly have been based on the 626 like the one featured here, the logic being that the first rotary-powered Mazda readily available in Australia was the R100, which shared its body with the 1000 coupe of that time.  It was followed by the Capella-based RX2 in both coupe and sedan styles; the RX3, with its two- and four-door bodies common to the 808; and the RX4 and RX5 which were more or less a rotary-engined 929s (two distinct versions, though, with the later RX5 being coupe only).  

Chronologically, the next step would seem to have been a 626-based RX6.  Adding weight to the theory is that the 626 had both a coupe and a sedan in its range, following the precedent set from the RX2 on (and even the R100 which had a four door version that wasn't available in all markets).  Subsequent rotary Mazdas - all three versions of the RX7, and the RX8 - were specific sports models and did not share bodies with their piston-engined stablemates.  

Has some clever Tasmanian therefore created the missing link and built his or her own RX6?  The number plate - RX 0626 - rather suggests that to be so.  There's an after-market radiator lurking behind the grille, drilled brake rotors and a fat exhaust that would service a rotary quite nicely, too.

If they have, they've built themselves quite a tasty sleeper.  Other than the subtle clues described above, the car presents as an immaculate late 70s / early 80s 626, with only a set of tasteful Simmons wheels to set it apart from a stock-standard version.  It would easily be amongst Hobart's best presented and maintained older Mazdas.



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