Random # 124: Datsun 260Z

Sadly, there aren't as many Datsun 240Zs - and 260Zs, like the one shown above - getting around anymore.  And those that are about are attracting big bucks on the rare occasions that they come up for sale.   

There are now only a few 240Zs in Targa Tasmania when once there were heaps of them.  However, those that are entered tend to do extremely well, with a 1970 edition driven by Jon and Gina Siddins having taken out an amazing ninth place overall in the 2017 event, beating a huge field of newer, more technically advanced vehicles from some of the world's greatest car makers (please see http://uppermiddlepetrolhead.blogspot.com.au/2017/05/targa-tasmania-2017-nichols-rivulet.html for details).

The 260Z shown here, photographed in Hobart, was in very nice original condition and was wearing Special Interest rego plates.  It featured standard alloy wheels, and a period nudge bar and front spoiler.  Only the exterior rear view mirrors weren't really of the era.   

The owner told UMPH that he also has a a 240Z.  However, he says that by comparison, it feels tinnier than the car shown here.  Tinny or not, UMPH would be happy to add either car to his garage!    



All iPhone images.

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