Random # 123: CL Valiant Charger

Hey, Charger!  This late model Valiant Charger - photographed in New Norfolk in Tasmania's Derwent Valley, some 45 minutes north west of Hobart - was magnificent.

The panels, paint and chrome were all ostensibly original and in excellent nick, as were the vinyl accents below the side windows and on the pillar.  However, someone has taken a little artistic licence with the car's decalsthe HEMI 6 PACK logos near the rear corners are from an earlier edition Charger and UMPH isn't so sure about the stripes running down its sides, a small badge on the boot and a sticker proclaiming the the features of the engine, either.

None of that doesn't really matters, though.  Who wouldn't want to celebrate the Charger name and history in all its glory?  None of the embellishments detract from the car and, in the case of the after-market five-spoke alloy wheels, actually enhance it.   

Even the car's rego plates advertise its vital statistics, proudly displaying the series designation - CL - plus its six cylinder, 4300 cc engine capacity.  That's a fairly grunty donk, especially when it's fitted with triple 45 mm DCOE Webers!  Oh to have heard it fire up!    



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