Readers' Photos # 10: From Ol' Blighty

A circa 1961 Facel Vega, a newish Ferrari & a Jeep (a proper one, that is)

This selection of tasty motas comes from expat Tassie boy, mad-keen trans-Africa cycle adventurer and UMPH doppelganger Ross Mallinson (although he's probably looking a little pasty since he shifted 'is gaff to the UK).  He says he found the collection in the "most ruinous car yard in the world," by which it's assumed he means ruinous to the prospective purchaser's wallet.  Either that or Arfa Daley's back!  

An Alfa Romeo Giulietta (probably)

A Roller of some description

A Gull-Wing Merc with another Aston Martin behind it

An early Saab (if only Swade were still around)

An Aston Martin, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini Countach

A De Tomaso Pantera (& a Fiat 600)

And something for lesser soccer players ...



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