Random # 119: Vauxhall Viva

One of the really, really great things about classic cars is the people that you meet when out and about driving them.  For example, take the the crew of this absolutely lovely Vauxhall Viva, and its entourage, touring Tasmania from their home state of New South Wales.

UMPH first saw the car when he turned into Willow Court, New Norfolk, in Tasmania's Derwent Valley, looking for a decent cup of coffee.  He was just about to head over to strike up a conversation when Alison, who was driving the Viva's support car, came over to take a look at the UMPH X1/9 (https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=7165367970551834236#editor/target=post;postID=8173377202801720952;onPublishedMenu=overviewstats;onClosedMenu=overviewstats;postNum=14;src=postname).    

It turns out that Alison was a bit of an Exxie fan, having had one for her first ever car (a green 1300 that had caused her more than its fair share of grief).  It also transpired that the man driving the Viva was her brother, Stuart, the principle repairer of her erstwhile Italian classic.  

Stuart wasn't the only relative present, eitherthe support car contained Alison's mother and father, and the Viva was also carrying a few younger family members.  They all seemed to be enjoying their trip.  

The Viva was one of three Vauxhalls - all members of the NSW branch of the Vauxhall Owners' Club of Australia - involved in the tour.  There was another back-up car, too.   

The Viva was a real beauty, with glossy duco, immaculate chrome and a fabulous interior.  It was almost standard, save a five-speed gearbox and twin fuel tanks - both handy mods for a touring car.  There were also a couple of Lucas "Prince of Darkness" spot lights gracing the front bumper.

Happy touring, Vauxhall people!  Come back soon.  



All iPhone images.

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