Random # 118: EJ Holden Station Wagon

UMPH knows a bloke that once owned a classic EJ Holden wagon much like the one shown here.  He was known as The Zoob.  The EJ was actually pretty cool, even if it was pink.

One of UMPH's mates thought it might enhance The Zoob's pink EJ if he were to colour the driver's side front tyre yellow with a crayon.  The Zoob wasn't as amused as everybody else was, which was potentially unfortunate for all involved (the crayon-wielding would-be-artist and those who did find the spectacle of a bright yellow, sunshine-themed front tyre even vaguely amusing). 

The Zoob was then, and remains to this day, a proper hard-man - even if he is now in his late 70s.  The artist's details are a closely guarded secret, lest The Zoob should ever determine his actual identity.

So you're probably still safe, __thony Wi__iam Hoop__, resident of Bri_b_n_, Que_nsl_nd, Australia.  Unless The Zoob is an UMPH reader, that is ... !



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